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As October comes to a close, along with our series on gutters, we would like to explore a few of the horrors that can occur. These just may scare you into taking action to protect your home! We’ve talked about gutters and downspouts being unsung heroes for quietly guiding water away from your home. But now let’s reveal the terrifying truth about what can happen when water pools near the foundation –

  • Saturated Soil
    • Puts tremendous pressure on the exterior walls
    • May lead to basement and lower walls being pushed inward or cracking
  • Soil Erosion from Run-off
    • Causes the foundation to settle
    • May cause uneven floors or cracked walls and chimneys
  • Water Seepage
    • Over time water begins to seep into cracks resulting in mold – a silent, but vicious enemy that can cause serious harm to your family’s health

Don’t let the “what if’s” haunt you. Take action and make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and functioning properly. At Your Home offers seamless, custom-made gutters, downspouts and gutter covers that are fabricated on-site and carry a 5-year warranty on craftsmanship and labor.