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Just this morning we received a call from a customer about this very issue. It’s a funny story actually. While drinking coffee and catching up on the news, she heard strange noises coming from the roof line just outside the window of her sun room. A quick investigation revealed a bird building its “winter estate” in her gutter. Unfortunately, the bird’s nest is a blockage and an eviction must be planned to keep an overflowing gutter from damaging her roof, ceiling, walls and foundation. Now she understands the importance of gutter covers.

Gutter covers are brilliant – as long as they are good quality and installed properly. They keep leaves, twigs, animals and their homes, along with other debris out so that water can easily flow in and away from your home. This is one of those decisions that you will certainly thank yourself for in the maintenance-free years to come. Imagine not dreading the fall and the annual death-defying trip up the ladder to clean the gutters.

At Your Home offers Leaf Relief brand gutter covers by Ply Gem for standard, 5″ gutters as well as for our oversize 6″ gutters. Provided your existing gutters are in good repair, we can add gutter covers to your home.

Plus, we GUARANTEE them AGAINST CLOGS FOR LIFE. Give us a call today – we pride ourselves on offering maintenance-free solutions that take the worry out of home ownership.

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