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Summer is the time most of us start our DIY projects…and then fall rolls around and they still have not been finished. With Thanksgiving, the official start of the holiday season, it is time to look around and make sure your house is “company ready” as my mom always says.

Here is a quick handyman checklist –

  • First, make sure your home interior is hazard free. Your guests safety – especially the very young and elderly – is top priority. Think about fixing:
    • A wobbly banister or railing
    • A loose step
    • Any carpet that is uneven or pulling up at the edges
    • Light fixtures with burned out bulbs
  • Next, the aesthetics! Any holiday meal is more fun and festive if you are not embarrassed about the condition of your home. Easy fixes to make before the big day:
    • Painting a room or touching up existing paint
    • Changing out-dated light fixtures
    • Replacing door knobs, light switch panels or outlet covers that are broken or do not match the rest of those in your home

This year open your home with pride and welcome friends & family in to celebrate. Don’t let unfinished projects around the house keep you from enjoying this time of year to the fullest!

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